Is your irregular menstrual cycle driving you crazy? Read on for a solution!

12 Jan Is your irregular menstrual cycle driving you crazy? Read on for a solution!

irregular periods

Periods can at times be a real pain. Headache, stomachache and general weariness can be perhaps acquired when having your period. These periodic menstrual bleeding can cause major discomposure; and things can only worsen once it becomes an irregular cycle. Having an irregular period is one of the most common menstrual grievances heard from females all across the globe. Females usually have 11 to 13 menstrual periods in a year. You might have observed a different pattern with the incidence of more or fewer menstrual cycles; and it is possible that what you are experiencing is an irregular menstrual cycle. If you desire to overcome repetitive incidents of irregular period, this article will be reasonably advantageous.

What are the most common causes of an irregular period?

The most common stages for females to experience an irregular menstrual cycle is at the beginning of adolescence, during the teenaged years and at the preliminary phases of menopause. At these times, your body is regulating to the changes in hormones that control your menstruation. The irregular period is simply considered the outcome of the body’s changeover reaction to the new hormone fluctuation.Stress is another common reason of having an irregular period. When there is any tension, whether physical, mental or emotional, the body’s reply would be to create a hormone called cortisol. This hormone, in turn, might affect estrogen, progesterone and DHEA production, all of which play a role in inhibiting irregular menstrual cycle.Other common reasons of irregular period episodes are unwarranted workout, eating disorders and illness. Though maximum reasons are not harmful, eating disorders and illness are alarming reasons of irregular menstrual cycle that necessitate instantaneous medical attention. Two health problems related with irregular period incidences are polycystic ovarian syndrome and uterine abnormalities, such as endometriosis. Polycystic ovarian disorder is also a principal reason of infertility. Endometriosis can affect fertility; it can also cause very excruciating periods. You should track your cycles and let your doctor know when huge variances of irregular menstrual cycle befall so you can be sure that an illness is not the key reason.

What can you do about an irregular menstruation cycle?

Contingent on the reason of your irregular period, there might or might not be much you can do about this. Irregular menstrual cycle can be normal to freshly menstruating girls since their menstrual cycles still oscillate. Over the first two years, periods tend to fine-tune and steadily become more regular each subsequent month. Also, menstrual cycles are predictable to become abnormal again during the pre-menopausal stage, which might happen as early as the late thirties, until menopause.However, if there is an underlying medical disorder that is triggering your irregular period, then getting satisfactory treatment for the condition should help get your periods back on track. If you find your irregular menstruation cycle becoming more infuriating, then you can consult with a gynaecologist in Gurgaon and there are some supportive alternatives you can do to regulate your hormones, such as the following:

  • Ease your stress levels. Take time to meditate, relax or just hang out. This might help change your period into a normal cycle.
  • Avoid unwarranted exercise. Although regular workout can keep you fit, exercising too much can also pose a risk to your health. If you are an energetic athlete, try to decrease or cut back a little bit of your level of workout.

There are also a couple of medical treatments that might be useful in regulating your period. Here are some of these:

  • Hormonal contraceptives: They are often used for managing irregular period occurrences. These contraceptives are typically available by prescription and come in oral, patch, ring and injectable forms.
  • Hormonal supplements: If you have any particular hormonal complications that cause menstrual irregular period incidents, hormonal supplements are the correct aid to normalize your periods.

Thus, continuous episodes of a menstrual irregular period are situations that call for full attention. Although the following options are useful to standardize your hormones, asking help from your doctor for irregular menstrual cycle treatment in Gurgaon is highly suggested.

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