Laproscopy or Hysterescopy are advanced gynaecological surgeries that can be used to handle complex conditions with the minimum incision or discomfort to the patient. Dr Manavita Mahajan, one of the best Myomectomy Surgeon in Gurgaon who  has undergone extensive training in India and the UK with the most advanced technology in gynaecological surgeries and is known for her professionalism and expertise in the field. Get ovarian cyst treatment in gurgaon by one of the most trusted and well know Ovarian cyst surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr Manavita Mahajan.

Earlier Gyanecological Surgeries could leave scar marks on the body and over 6-8 weeks of post treatment down time. With the latest Laproscopic and Hysteroscopic Surgeries, the procedure is performed using small incisions without leaving any mark on the body. The amount of discomfort is minimal and the patient can recover within a couple of weeks. Dr Manavita Mahajan is associated with some of the most advanced women care centres in India and can use this technology to provide the most comfortable treatment to her patients. Dr Manavita provides treatment for

  • Ovarian cyst
  • Fibroids in the uterus
  • Endometriosis
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Vaginal prolapse etc.

She also offers laparoscopic, hysteroscopy or vaginal operations for uterine tumors, fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis and evaluation & management of female infertility.

Schedule your appointment with Dr  Manavita Mahajan for affordable laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and ovarian cyst treatment in Gurgaon.