Hysterectomy surgeon in Gurgaon : Dr Manavita Mahajan

Uterus is the foundation of a woman’s child bearing ability. When the organ is affected or infected like the case of Uterine Cancer,it is necessary to remove the uterus from the woman’s body. It is a very common surgical procedure and for many years, it has been performed using the vaginal or abdominal procedures  which can be painful, uncomfortable and lead to a lot of down time for the woman.  Laproscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVL) is an advanced procedure where in the procedure is performed  using a laproscope in a minimally invasive way. However, the type of hysterectomy depends on a variety of factors. Dr Manvita Mahajan is the Best hysterectomy surgeon in Gurgaon and can guide you through which procedure is best for you. Depending on the woman’s health and the condition, Dr Manavita will perform one of the procedures. She is well known and Best hysterectomy surgeon in Gurgaon who performs hysteroscopic septum resection surgery.

The Skill of the surgeon is very important when it comes to comfort and downtime of the surgery. Dr Manavita Mahajan can help you recover from the operation in the shortest period of time.

Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy