Labour and Deliveries can be challenging for a woman. The pain, anxiety and nervousness cannot be described in words but that is one pain every woman wants to bear. Dr Manavita Mahajan has years of experience in performing deliveries and has evolved her skill sets with the latest technology has to offer. She offers management of all kinds of deliveries including painfree vaginal deliveries. Her Professional Competence and experience has led her to being one of the most renowned and respected gynaecologist in Gurgaon. There is nothing wrong in being particular about standards when it comes to your gynaecologist. After all, your gynaecologist is privy to some of the most intimate facets of your sexuality, body and overall health. Dr Manavita Mahajan provides antenatal, obstetrics, gynae-consultation and surgeries to help you stay healthy and comfortable through out your journey through womanhood.

Dr Manavita Mahajan is considered one of the best gynaecologist for Caesarean Delivery in Gurgaon which is a child delivery method through a small incision in the abdomen.

Labour and Deliveries-
  • Normal Deliveries(includes Epidural analgesia for painless vaginal births)
  • Operative(Caesarean) Deliveries
  • Advanced Neonatology services(Hospital Based Services- Neonatal ICU for premature babies and for sick babies)
  • Anesthesiology services(includes Epidural analgesia for painfree vaginal births)
  • Antenatal programme/Parent craft classes