Child Birth is the most important moment that may come across a women’s life. The anxiety, the feelings, the pressure,  the joy cannot be described in simple words. It is important to keep calm and stay prepared whether it is the birth of your first child or your second. Preparing parents including the father of the child for this miracle thing is what Antenatal Care is all about.

Antenatal Care in Gurgaon

As an expert, Dr Manavita Mahajan can guide you through your pregnancy and child birth in a manner that you are stress free and confident during, before and after your pregnancy.  One of the most renowned gynaecologist in Gurgaon Dr Manavita has managed some of the most complicated high risk pregnancies. She is known for her love for children and as a mother herself, she can help prepare both the parents for the birth of their child. This includes sessions for preparing them for their pregnancy, continuously examining the health of the mother and child during pregnancy and ensuring a safe and stress free child birth. We provide antenatal care in Gurgaon at Triveni Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic.


Sometimes due to various factors, there can be complications in the child birth. We conducts antenatal care workshop in Gugraon. With Dr Manavita Mahajan’s Counselling, one can be assured that the comprehensive care is provided to the mother and the child throughout pregnancy including dietary and work out assistance and training for the best results.

Dr Manavita Mahajan is a adherent of vaginal child birth and recommends child birth to women who have has caesarean birth in the past. She offers options from natural birth to pain free deliveries depending on the medical needs and health of the mother.

High Risk Pregnancies

Birth of twins or pregnancies under complications like recurrent losses/ abortions, pregnancy at over 35 years of age must be handled with special care for the safety of the child and the mother. Dr Manavita Mahajan can provide deliveries through the most advanced technologies in the field to help you have the highest chances of success.

The Obstetric Services provided include:

  • Prepregnancy counselling and care
  • Assessment & Handling of High Risk Pregnancy cases(includes Deliveries) which includes the following
    • Women with recurrent pregnancy losses/abortions
    • Medical disorders like diabetes/hypertension or Pre-eclampsia/thyroid disorders complicating pregnancy
    • Bleeding complications in pregnancy/ Low lying Placenta (Placenta Previa)
    • Fetal growth abnormalities encountered in pregnancy(IUGR)
    • Twin pregnancy
    • Preterm labour
    • Women with previous Caesarean Deliveries
    • Women planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean)
    • Pregnancies after IVF/infertility treatment
    • Pregnancies in women after age 35
    • Screening for Down Syndrome / chromosomal or Structural problems in pregnancy
    • Abnormal Doppler in pregnancy
    • Pregnancies in women with Rh negative blood group
    • Post term pregnancy