Dermoid cyst removal by Laparoscopy

07 Dec Dermoid cyst removal by Laparoscopy

What causes Dermoid cyst? 

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac. Cysts develop in various places in the body. A Dermoid cyst, which develops from the cells that make eggs in the ovary (germ cells), often contains substances such as hair and fat. They are also called mature cystic teratomas. They are usually benign though rarely they may have a focus of cancer tissue developing in them.

These growths can develop in a woman during her reproductive years and are often seen in young women. In many women they may not be causing any symptoms and may get detected during a routine pelvic ultrasound scan. In others they can cause twisting of the ovary, infection in the ovary and can lead to sudden onset of severe pain in abdomen.

 These Dermoid cysts can be removed with either conventional surgery or laparoscopy (surgery that uses small incisions and specially designed instruments to enter the abdomen or pelvis). Dermoid cysts can run in families. 

Removal of Dermoid cyst using laparoscopy 

In most of the cases Dermoid cysts are risk free and non-cancerous but still you should get them removed to avoid the risk of complications due to the cyst like ovarian torsion or rupture (fatal infection of the abdomen). In some cases, they can even restrict the blood flow to the ovaries and cause fertility issues. The females who are in childbearing age should get rid of Dermoid cysts, as the rupturing risk of cysts is more with pregnancy.

The removal of cysts by laparoscopic surgery involves keyhole/minimally invasive surgery that involves use of a laparoscope (optical instrument) to remove the cyst. The advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that there is a smaller incision size (5mm to 1cm in size) as compared to the conventional way of removing the cyst. Also the operative field is better visualized due to the panoramic and magnified vision provided by the laparoscope and associated camera system. So, the small incision and fast recovery allows people to choose laparoscopic surgery over other conventional ways of removing the Dermoid cyst. Patients also have less pain after operation.

Advantages of laparoscopic Dermoid cyst removal

One of the most accepted approaches to remove Dermoid cyst is the laparoscopic surgery. Since the majority of cases with Dermoid cysts are of reproductive age and want to preserve fertility, a traditional approach is good to minimize post operative adhesions thereby decrease chances to compromise fertility.

The type of operation depends upon the factors like

  • Your age.
  • Whether you are past the menopause.
  • The appearance and size of your cyst from the ultrasound scan.
  • Whether you have any symptoms.
  • Whether cancer is suspected or ruled out.

In some cases, only the cyst is removed and not the ovaries while in some both the cyst and ovaries are removed. Your specialist will advise on the options for your individual situation. If you still have questions you can schedule an appointment with Triveni Obs and Gynae Clinic/Dr Manavita Mahajan at Galleria DLF phase 4 Gurgaon. We have solution to all your Gynae related problems.

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